Black Universal Plus - Custom Bundle

Black Universal PlusBlack Universal Plus - Baker's BundleBlack Universal Plus - Custom Bundle
  • Choose Your Mixer: Start by selecting the mixer model that best suits your needs.
  • Pick Your Add-Ons: Browse through our range of add-ons to find those that match your cooking and baking preferences.
  • Enjoy More Savings with More Add-Ons:
    • 1 add-on: Get 5% off your entire bundle.
    • 2 add-ons: Increase your savings to 10% off.
    • 3 add-ons: Enjoy 15% off your entire bundle.
    • 4 add-ons: Maximize your savings with 20% off your entire bundle.
  • Customize Your Dream Kitchen: Tailor your mixer setup to fit your personal kitchen style and needs.
  • Stack Up the Savings: The more add-ons you add, the bigger the discount on your entire bundle.

This promotion is designed to let you personalize your mixer experience while enjoying significant savings. It's all about making your kitchen truly yours, with the added bonus of discounts that increase as you add more to your bundle.